Is SCRUM Agile?

SCRUM is an agile framework for managing work (with an emphasis on software development). It is a subset of agile project management and can be used as a foundation for any project management methodology to help teams and organizations achieve agility, for example, by improving their processes and efficiency.

SCRUM places an emphasis on:

  • Iterative Development — frequent and short iteration cycles, where teams continuously improve their product by working together in short, focused bursts;
  • Driving Value — getting work done as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • Adaptability & Speed — short-term planning, flexible team roles, and frequent communication between team members.

The framework is built around the idea of:

  • Backlog — a list of all things that needs to be done within the project (typically ordered by priority);
  • Sprint — a set time period (typically two weeks) for completing tasks from the backlog;
  • Daily Stand-Up Meetings — team meetings happening daily to discuss progress;
  • Sprint Planning — where the team decides what features to build (planning) and how much time to allocate to them (estimation);
  • Retrospective — a review meeting to discuss team progress, problems and areas of improvement for the next sprint.

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