How to Wait for All Promises to Settle in JavaScript?

Find out how to wait until all promises complete even if some end up rejected

Introduced in ES11, you can use the Promise.allSettled() method, which waits for all promises to settle — i.e. it waits till all the given promises are either fulfilled or rejected. Upon completion, it returns a single Promise that resolves to an array of objects which describes the outcome of each promise:

// ES11+
const p1 = Promise.resolve(1);
const p2 = Promise.reject('foo');
const p3 = 3;

Promise.allSettled([p1, p2, p3])
    .then((values) => console.log(values));

/* [
    { status: 'fulfilled', value: 1 },
    { status: 'rejected', reason: 'foo' },
    { status: 'fulfilled', value: 3 },
] */

As you can see in the example above, depending on whether the promises resolved or rejected, the resulting array of objects each contains a status string:

  • If the status is "fulfilled", then a value property is present;
  • If the status is "rejected", then a reason property is present.

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