How to Generate Random Boolean Values in PHP?

To generate a random boolean value in PHP, you can:

  1. Use the mt_rand() function, and;
  2. Convert its result to a boolean.

For example:

// PHP 4+
$randBool = (bool) mt_rand(0, 1);

While the rand() function serves as an alias for mt_rand() in PHP 7.1 and later, it's advisable to favor mt_rand() in versions prior to 7.1. This is because mt_rand() employs the Mersenne Twister algorithm, known for its speed and statistical quality, making it a superior choice compared to rand().

For most scenarios, using mt_rand() is a pragmatic choice due to its speed, especially when compared to more secure alternatives (which might be slower). However, in critical systems, you should consider using the cryptographically secure alternatives (like random_int() for instance) to avoid the predictability risks associated with mt_rand().

Ultimately, the method you choose should align with the security requirements of your specific use case:

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