How to Delete Multiple Rows With Different Ids in a SQL Query?

For the examples in this article, let's suppose we have a table with unique ids that we're going to be using to delete several rows in a single query. You can, of course, use other conditions/columns as well.

Deleting All Rows as Specified

Using the IN clause, we can specify multiple row ids to delete. For example, the following query would delete rows with ids equal to 1, 5 and 7:

DELETE from `tablename` WHERE `id` IN (1, 5 , 7);

Deleting All Rows Except Some

Using the NOT IN clause we can delete all rows except some like so:

DELETE FROM `tablename` WHERE `id` NOT IN (1, 5, 7);

This would delete all rows except rows with ids equal to 1, 5 and 7.

Deleting All Rows in a Range

We can delete a number of rows between a range in the following way:

DELETE FROM `tablename` WHERE `id` >= 3 AND `id` <= 10;

This is equivalent to using the BETWEEN operator like so:

DELETE FROM `table_name` WHERE `id` BETWEEN 3 AND 10;

Both these queries would delete all rows with ids between 3 and 10 (inclusive).

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