How to Add a TypeScript Type for Forwarded Refs in React?

Find out what the correct TypeScript type is for React.forwardRef

The correct way to specify types for React.forwardRef is by using generics in the following way:

forwardRef<RefType, PropsType>((props, ref) => /* ... */);

Please note that the ordering of the generic parameters is the opposite of the ordering of the function parameters — you must first specify the ref type and then the props type.

For example, let's consider a simple <Button /> component like the following:

import React from 'react';

type ButtonProps = React.HTMLProps<HTMLInputElement>;

const Button = React.forwardRef<HTMLInputElement, ButtonProps>(
    (props, ref) => <input type="button" ref={ref} {...props} />

For completeness sake, you could for example, use this as a child component inside another component, like so:

const Foo = () => {
    const ref = React.useRef<HTMLInputElement | null>(null);

    React.useEffect(() => {

    return <Button ref={ref} value="Foo" />;

export default Foo;

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